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Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into innovation. ~ Dean Kamen

ETSU Project Management

The Intake Phase of the project management life cycle is the methodology followed to request approval for a project. This intake process determines whether a new project idea or a proposal to enhance or replace an existing service is aligned with the University's strategic initiatives, ensures the project is approved for implementation, and determines how the project is to be prioritized within current project portfolios.

A project is defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken by or on behalf of ETSU that:

  1. Has a clearly defined beginning and ending date;
  2. Provides tangible technology products or services;
  3. Fulfills a defined business objective to substantially improve business processes to a department or that aligns with the university's strategic goals to the technology architecture through new or existing systems.
  4. Note: A change request is not defined as a project. It is a modification being requested for product or service already in use. Please submit change requests to the link: Self Service Portal

By involving Information Technology Services (ITS) early in your technology decision-making process, ITS can assist you in finding the most effective way of integrating the technology, system, product or services into the project initiative. In involving ITS up front for example, in software, hardware, or services selection, it will allow ITS to assist in determining the best IT solutions for your needs. ITS will provide a technical resource capable of representing the interest of the campus in evaluating system capabilities, determining if systems are already in use on campus that may be worth exploring, and guiding decisions to fit into the technical capabilities ITS is able to support. We will also work in collaboration with legal and procurement for securing the appropriate product, services, or technology. 

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